A path of growth, enthusiasm, insights and evolution

The 35 years of Geoplast S.p.A. activity are a path of continuous growth, enthusiasm, insights and evolution. A path of success started in 1974,when the Pegoraro family founded a company dealing with the regeneration of high and low density polyethylene and polypropylene.

The team of Geoplast designers is daily engaged in the conception and design of new solutions to meet the needs of the market.
The patented products are 30, and at least three new ones are added each year.

Among these, Drening® is a modular element for the realization of high capacity dispersion and accumulation chambers. It provides an alternative to the rainwater drainage systems used up today.

Drening®, thanks to its shape, allows conveying rainwater, with a capacity of 310 litres per m2, dispersing them underground and reinserting back in their natural cycle, or storing rainwaters before evacuation into the local sewer system by regulated flow.

Drening® can be used for the construction of storage and dispersion basins of rainwater and wastewater, in civilian, commercial or industrial areas, under green areas, parking lots, sidewalks, bike routes and roads. A further use relates to a system for the collection, storage and reuse of rainwater for irrigation and fire fighting purposes.

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