N2ktag, app in Augmented Reality for the knowlegde of Venice lagoon

N2ktag, an innovative app in Augmented Reality that will bring you in the Natura 2000 sites of Venice lagoon, its littorals and Caorle marine area

N2ktag is the new application for smartphone and tablet, created by SELC and implemented by Officine Panottiche and Nuovostudiofactory, with the aim of promoting the knowledge of the natural habitats of the protected areas of the Lagoon of Venice (North and South), the littoral of Cavallino and Lido di Venezia, and the Tegnùe of the protected marine area of Porto Falconera (Caorle).

N2ktag is an application in augmented reality (AR), immersive in order to accompany the visitors in the protected areas of the Natura 2000 network of the Lagoon of Venice.
Natura 2000 is the main European Union instrument for the conservation of biodiversity. The application was developed with the funds from the Operational Programme of the Veneto Region 2007-2013, part ERDF Axis.1, Action 1.3.4: Measures to conserve and enhance the Natural Heritage.

The application N2ktag is able to provide geo-referenced information arranged in comprehensive and complete forms, relating to habitat, biodiversity, flora and fauna of Natura 2000 sites.
With descriptions, pictures and videos, it is possible to view the information on the spot with a simple touch on the screen, or see, thanks to 360-degree panoramic views, places that cannot be visited or difficult to reach.

It can also be used at home to create an ad-hoc path in areas of specific interest: if, for example, we want to identify the habitat of a particular bird species, the app puts in evidence on the map of the lagoon, the areas where the species is found and give us ideas for our visit tour. There are also some suggested theme routes. The app also allows, through social networks, to send virtual postcards, to share and comment on own experiences, thus expanding the knowledge of the territory and of the protected habitats and of details of which the lagoon is rich, but can be lost by an inexperienced eye .