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Protection of the coast and sea with reef ball systems

The Reef Ball systems are an inexpensive, reliable, durable and functional technique to create sustainable marine and lake habitats, or to create submerged breakwaters for protecting the beach from erosion or for rebuilding an eroded beach.
They are also used as a deterrent against illegal fishing or anchoring and for fish restocking.

In connection with the needs to protect and preserve the coasts, the Reef Ball modules can be used now even in Italy.
Widely used in 60 countries all over the world, the Reef Ball allow to create submerged artificial barriers favoring a quick nourishment without using filler material. For the protection of the coasts, the Reef Ball exploit the waves energy incident on the structure, which is dissipated by turbulence through the passage of the wave through the module holes.

The Reef Ball also have many advantages: hydrodynamic running, water exchange on the structure back, permeability of the work, cost-effectiveness of the intervention, ease of installation and repopulation of the barrier, developing into a living barrier.