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Some of the most relevant projects

Surveys of banks and other public areas to support projects related with the further border actions on macro inslands of the Site of National Interest of Porto Marghera

Purpose of the assignment: soil-environmental investigations and monitoring of piezometric levels to support the planning of bordering of macro-islands, carried out by the Venice Water Authority (Magistrato alle acque di Venezia) in the Site of National Interest of Porto Marghera. Client: Venice Water Authority by the concessionaire Consorzio Venezia Nuova. Period: 2010-2011. Funding quota of SELC: € 674,514.00

Dynamics of aquifers connected with the operations in the Site of National Interest of Porto Marghera

Activities performed: strengthening and refinement of the mathematical model of the aquifers in the SIN Porto Marghera to support the design, control and management of back-bordering and the connected civil works. The study is divided into: 1) Sub-line 6.1, Surface hydrographical network (study of exchange processes between groundwater and surface water), 2) Sub-line 6.2, Investigation of abandoned wells (study of potential interference processes between the deep aquifers and the surface water system) 3) Sub-line 6.3, Hydrodynamics survey in the area of partial saturation. Client: Venice Water Authority by the concessionaire Consorzio Venezia Nuova. Period: 2009-2011. Funding quota of SELC: € 334,449.00

Preliminary investigation and implementation of the monitoring system of polluted sites in the Sardinia region: industrial areas of Assemini, Sarroch, Ottana and Porto Torres

Activities performed: GPR survey, mechanical surveys with continuous core drilling, installation of open pipe piezometers; plan and elevation view; surveys and core drilling; hydrogeological, geological and soil study of the area; preparing investigation plans, planning of chemical analyses to be performed. Client: Autonomous Region of Sardinia. Period: 2007-2010. Funding quota of SELC: € 927.215,00

Preliminary activities for launching the activities of construction, management and maintenance of the “Mose System ” in the north of the Arsenale of Venice

Activities performed: 1) soil analysis, 2) geognostic investigations, and 3) surveys by georadar.
Client: Thetis S.p.A. Period: 2009. Funding quota of SELC: € 298,600.00

Characterization of sediments of Lake Patria and surrounding lakes

Activities performed: geophysical surveys in the water bodies of about 28 small lakes, topographic, gpr and magnetometric survey of the perimeters of lakes forming the ponds; removal, characterization and disposal of materials, drilling over water in the lakes using the vibrocore; chemical-physical-microbiological and ecotoxicological properties (according to DM 471/99). Client: Sviluppo Italia Aree Produttive S.p.A. Period: 2007-2008. Funding quota of SELC: € 1,064,963.02