Interreg Italy-Croatia project






Start of project: 01/01/2019

End of project: 30/06/2021



SELC took part as WP-coordinator in the monitoring activities in the Gulf of Panzano (Monfalcone) at the end of May 2019 and in the Kornati National Park (Croatia) at the end of June 2019. These activities included the characterization of the seagrasses populations, a general assessment of connected benthic communities and the preliminary identification of the areas where the eco-compatible anchoring systems will be placed and where the pilot seagrass transplantations will be performed.

NP Kornati: images of the monitoring activities carried out in collaboration with other project partners (Association SUNCE and Kornati National Park).



SASPAS (Safe Anchoring and Seagrass Protection in the Adriatic Sea) is one of the transnational projects funded by Interreg (a European funding Programme) that aims to preserve and get a better status of conservation of biodiversity of the Adriatic Sea ecosystem, improving seagrass preservation and restauration. The objective of this project will be made possible through environmental-friendly anchoring system laying, performing pilot transplantations, carrying out monitoring activities and by defining an integrated management system for seagrasses in Adriatic area in three Natura 2000 sites where certain degrees of anthropogenic pressures occur: Gulf of Panzano, Monfalcone (IT), Brindisi Coast in the Dune Costiere Natural Park of Torre Canne to Torre San Leonardo (IT) and National Park Kornati (CRO).

The partners involved in the SASPAS project are:

  • Municipality of Monfalcone (Lead Partner);
  • SELC Cooperative Company;
  • Provisional Management Consortium of Regional Natural Park “Coastal Dunes from Torre Canne to Torre San Leonardo”;
  • SUNCE – Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development;
  • Kornati National Park Public Institution;
  • University of Rijeka – Department of Biotechnology, Centre for High-Throughput Technologies;
  • CORILA – Consortium for the Coordination of Research Activities Concerning the Venice Lagoon System.